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Hi, my name is Stefan and I might be the one for you

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I travelled the world filming documentaries. From the desert to snow fields, from mountains to the air, from a sleeping bag to a palace.

Speaking German, English and French let me communicate with foreign agencies and partners or conducting interviews.

VIP Safari (Botswana)
Photo & Video
Documentary (France)
Filming students leaving for 1 year to the US
Documentary (Portugal)
Filming participants of a seminar in the south of Portugal
Documentary (Iceland)
Videographer and photographer on a glacier in Iceland
Documentary (Colorado)
Videographer and photographer at the ski resort in Aspen, Colorado
Documentary (Grand Canyon)
Videographer and photographer on a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon
Documentary (Costa Rica)
Videographer and photographer on a ropes course leading through the jungle
Documentary (Los Angeles)
Videographer and photographer following students on their journey in the USA
Documentary (Antibes)
1st AC and cameraman on a shooting with Frank Spire on the Octopus
Documentary (Victoria Falls)
Videographer and photographer for a flight over the Victoria Falls
Documentary (Dubai)
Videographer and photographer for a VIP group
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Studio setup
Production Manager for 2 studio setups in Marseille
Production Manager - Gaffer
Production manager and Gaffer for a commercial shot in Gstaad, CH
1st AC
Production manager and 1st AC on commercial in Grasse, FR
ADR session
ADR (post-syncronisation) and foley for a feature film
Commerical Exxon Mobile & RedBull
Was hired by Films06, Cannes to work in the position of a DP for this commercial, starring the F1 superstars David Coulthard and Max Verstappen
Commerical shot
DP for a commercial shot together with Franck Spire at the studios La Victorine, Nice.
Filming food preparation (Belgium)
DP for filming food and shooting the pictures of the final plates. Did the editing for publishing on Instagram.
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Film production

A few times per year I am working for film productions, mainly focusing on short films but here and there as well for commercials.

Sometimes in the role of a DoP, camera assistant or as a gaffer.

I am teaching my knowledge of all technical elements of a film production at a Highschool in Cannes.


I am easy to integrate into an existing crew or organise the technical side of capturing an event on my own.

Les Rencontres Exclusives de Laura Massis
Multi-cam recording with Laura Massis, Michel Cymes and Karine Champagne
Cameraman on Cannes Yacht Festival
Cameraman for the Cannes Yacht Festival organisation (by Franck Spire)
Cameraman for PixelHyperMedia at the Congres National des Pompiers, Vannes
Multi-cam recording
Sunrise with sea view in Eze, France. Waiting for the start of the event. (Picture: Hafida BENNOUR)
Oracle Event (London)
Multi-cam recording in London
Mobile cameraman
Shoulder cam on live event "Destination Reussite" in Paris (since 2013)
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Equipment ready to go
Some bags ready to get packed into the car for filming in Paris
Sometimes I do steadicam, too. Here at an event at the Docks Pullman in Paris.
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Being independent is sometimes key. And having your own equipment gives you some flexibility. I have a few cameras (and lots of accessories) – from Sony FS7’s to GoPro – to cover different needs.

Filming is painting with light – so I do own as well different lights to cover most basic needs. But I am as well very comfortable to rent and work with an ARRI M18 or Kinoflos.

Sound is so important for every kind of film. Different directional or omnidirectional mics, handheld, on a boom pole or hidden under a talents shirt – my equipment covers all these needs.

Did I mention that I do editing, too ?

Some of my clients

trusting me for years